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We have the right Engineer to fit any Engineering challenge. There are not many companies that can provide the full range of engineering services. EPC can, because no matter how specific the problem, we have the experts with the solution. We respond with agility to all of our customers ideas and needs. As incredible as it sounds, we have never said we couldn’t help a customer, because we have the right engineer for every engineering challenge. Try us.  

We make use of our experience and ideas for our customers’ benefit. We render all the services under one roof – so that you do not have any interface problems.

In the course of pre-engineering, basic engineering and detail engineering, we as general planners or as general contractors with the complete system delivery, offer you implementation of the complete project. If required, we also offer you individual services from our extensive portfolio.


Naphtali PM Limited renders excellent and reliable EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) Turnkey Contracting Services for diverse requirements of industry. Also includes Project Management from concept to implementation and construction.

Our EPC division offers a single point solution to the execution of project engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning of large contract projects. Our EPC Division is focused strongly on Oil & Gas, Offshore Applications, Infrastructure Construction, general industry and other sectors. Providing single source responsibility, the EPC Division draws its strength from the company’s excellent track record in industrial construction. The projects have been delivered with best engineering practices delivering the highest quality standards and successfully meeting all the stringent completion targets.


Naphtali PM Limited is a design/building, construction manager and general contractor, we have a pool of carefully selected professionals who we know will provide the best products, workmanship and who will complete projects on time and within budget.

These professionals share the desire to make a positive impact and meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

Our vendors and employees make up a trusted community built upon a foundation of exceptional service, constant communication, transparency and an unconditional commitment to success.

Naphtali PM Limited embraces best practices in project management to deliver award-winning results.

Naphtali’s specialties include: new commercial construction, commercial renovations and up-fits, design-build, design-bid-build, new industrial construction, industrial renovations, and metal building system construction.


Naphtali’s commitment to quality and innovation in provision of Project Consulting Services has earned us a reputation of being the preferred choice for consultancy in the industry. We provide a solution based approach and focus on delivering optimal long term outcomes for all our clients. We have worked on a diverse range of projects across Nigeria and are regularly faced with the unique challenges inherent in the various industry we service.

With a comprehensive knowledge of building and construction practices, we offer engineering services from concept design stage to post construction life cycle analysis. A priority of ours is providing practical advice while incorporating the mentality of sustainable engineering.

Our technical knowledge, problem solving capability and customer focus are the key drivers in our success. Our portfolio of clients includes; property owners, property managers, builders, contractors and property sector professionals such as architects and project managers.


At Naphtali PM Limited, we stay on so you can stay off!  We manage facilities to ensure optimum and continual performance of all Electrical Equipment ‘round the clock’, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Our dedicated team is always on hand to meet whatever needs you might have.  We offer Facilities Management services to a wide range of clients both in the industrial and commercial sectors.

We are committed to building long term relationships with our customers making working together seamless and effective. Our unique service means that our customers get real quality projects and maintenance delivered on time with improved cost efficiency.

We can cover any aspect of your Electrical Maintenance from regular planned preventive maintenance to 24/7 call out emergency breakdown maintenance.

Our expertise and experience in a wide range of facilities management projects means we can satisfy al your specific needs. After assessing your requirements and situation, we will create an individual package of services just for you. This cost effective portfolio of solutions will effortlessly manage and maintain your Electrical assets, including managing the project to completion.


In our immediate geographical area of operation, security is a major concern for all members of the society. At Naphtali PM Limited, we offer several security solutions including:

  • Electrical Fence Wiring:
    We can help you set up that electrical fence for further property protection.
  • Access Control Systems:

    With more and more emphasis having to be made in securing premises these days, a good Access Control System can help achieve this whilst not restricting your daily operations. We specialize in all sorts of access control systems. From I.D. card access through keypad entry systems to biometric systems; you decide, we can deliver.

  • CCTV

    Naphtali PM Limited are renowned specialists in the design, installation, maintenance, support and servicing of CCTV security camera systems.  Naphtali PM Limited supplies and installs quality systems for the hospitality, commercial, industrial and public sectors. Our highly experienced staff are involved in all aspects of the project from the design, through to installation, implementation and eventual training of the operators. The advent of CCTV cameras has risen over the years due to worsening security conditions. As a company with highly dedicated and trained staff we offer various CCTV installation options with a budget that is reasonable. We can handle different types of security camera systems ranging from single security camera, IP security cameras, with remote access or networked, complex multi camera solutions amongst many other solutions. Our experience with modern technology allows us provide guidance and support during all parts of the execution process. Whether it’s a simple CCTV camera system like those used to monitor a retail store with only a few cameras or a major whatever your CCTV requirements, we have a solution for you.

Naphtali PM Limited provides the following CCTV SYSTEMS:

  • Color CCTV Camera systems
  • Digital Video Recorders (DVRs)
  • IP Camera Systems
  • Wireless Security Camera Systems
  • Day / Night Security Cameras
  • Internal and External Security Cameras

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Our training equips all participants with various, skills, knowledge and techniques which are applicable to their various functions and would translate into higher efficiency and effectiveness at work.