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Naphtali PM Limited currently offers service to various sectors of the Nigerian economy including; residential, commercial and industrial.

Naphtali PM Limited is one stop organization for various engineering, construction and management services.  We provide services and deliver solutions that are fit-for-use and purpose, within budgets and we ensure that the expected project duration is not exceeded.  This we do by managing, monitoring and controlling all variables (such as Risk, Stakeholder Analysis, Cost, Quality, Time etc.) and other factors that influence the life cycle of whatever we are contracted to do.

What We Do

  • Construction Services
  • Project Consulting Services
  • Training/ Manpower Development
  • Power Solutions
  • Security Solutions
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Facilities Management (Electrical)
  • Engineering Design Services
  • Safety Solutions
  • General Equipment Installation








Why Choose Us?

We specialize in managing projects, training, general consulting and organizational process re-engineering.

At Naphtali, we imbibe a culture of growth as we believe this is essential for sustainability. We have developed a reputation of excellence and professionalism in the areas that we serve securing repeat business from our satisfied customers in the process.

We have in-house and collaborative competence to execute world class projects and consult on our various subject matter and disciplines.

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